Design Sprint

For those who has an idea of an application and wants to significantly decrease risks of loss time and money

Interactive Prototype
Наглядное представление идеи. Позволяет провести тестирование с целевой аудиторией, выявить неочевидные нестыковки функционала, наглядно объяснить идею инвесторам и исполнителям.
App Specification
Совместно с прототипом позволяет дать максимально точную оценку затрат на реализацию и избежать недопонимания среди всех участников в течение всего жизненного цикла проекта.
Stay focused on what really matters
and avoid common pitfalls like the eternal development with no release, unexpected results and unpredictable costs

Интерактивный прототип и проектная документация позволяют оставаться в рамках плана и не отвлекаться на идеи, которые несомненно будут появляться в процессе запуска проекта.
Concept Document
Usually takes 3-4 days. Business Analytic and your personal manager will be involved from our side.
First meeting with you
Introduction and initial requirements gathering
Internal brainstorm session
Gives ideas and the direction of further investigation for our BA
Preparing the ConceptDoc
Describes the project idea in common with definition a problem and a solution
Second meeting with you
 To discuss the ConceptDoc and making adjustments.
Final revision of the ConceptDoc
Let’s be sure that we are on the same page.
As the result you got
Formalized concept of your project free of charge - now it’s super easy to share and discuss it with key persons.

Happy with us and ready to go further? Let’s sign the contract for Design Sprint.
Design Sprint
Usually it takes about 2 weeks and varies depending on the complexity of the business domain, the problem and the desired solution.
Contract signed
BA shares and explains the ConceptDoc with UX team, taking into account all your comments.
Prepare the first version of the Prototype
At this stage, you will be asked additional questions as well as BA, Tech and PM teams be involved to avoid inaccuracies and pitfalls.
Demo of the prototype
The UX Team and BA demonstrate the result to you and collect your feedback.
The process repeats until the final version will be accepted by you. Each iteration takes about a week.
In parallel your personal Project Manager starts preparing of the Specification and updates it according to changes in the prototype.
Final demo
The Interactive Prototype and the Project Documentation.
Estimates and offer
Estimation of the project in terms of time and budget with prepared Roadmap.
Now you got
  • Interactive Prototype to share and test with your target audience, investors and other key persons.
  • Project Specification with well described user stories to share it with execution team.
  • Our offer with terms of Fixed Time and Budget, and detailed Roadmap - when and what will be done.