How fitness industry modifies individual approach

Jan 24, 2018

Health & Fitness business and markets are on the rise. According to LeisureDB and Deloitte 2017 industry reports, the penetration rates of clubs memberships vary from 15% in Europe up to 20% in the US. That indicates a ton of potential customers. So, gym owners come up with more ways to convert leads and boost revenue. One of such ways is personalizing client experience and going digital with it. That’s why we can see a surge in gym mobile apps, which provide personal training services.

If your prospects and members can’t find your club in a mobile friendly way on their smartphone, they will look for your competitor

Customers themselves are changing. They still come to gyms for exercises that deliver results, but nowadays they want more. Clients want to come to a place, where they will get attention. They want you to take care of all the nuances of their workout routine. An individual approach addresses these very desires. It may be hard to offer a unique workout plan for every customer, but getting more personal pays off in increased engagement and loyalty. That leads to the rise of the establishment’s popularity and profits.

This idea is not new to anyone working in a service industry. The questions is: how one takes an even more individual approach to club members? What if a fitness center already provides personal trainer workouts? Employs membership management software? It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced player or just getting started in the field. You’ll have to find new ways to pique your clientèle interest before the competitors. This article provides tips and recommendations about keeping your customers engaged and encouraged.

Encourage using services of personal coaches

Individual approach starts here. The majority of fitness centers have that service, but in some of them it simply sits there. Not all the members understand the importance of a personal fitness trainer. Some just use a gym’s equipment and rely on fitness apps in their routine at best. It’s your job to explain the advantages of having a personal coach. He or she will surely help to design an effective workout plan. There is also the issue of safety - a professional will make sure that members’ personal health is not at risk. Promote the coach crew. Before long, your trainers will have lines of customers waiting for an appointment.

Be attentive

Make sure to learn your members’ needs and tend to them. Now that your coaches have established contact, it should be easy to design a workout routine according to customers’ own goals. When a person is working on a goal set internally, rather than by anyone else, motivation and satisfaction increase. After getting an athlete in the right mood, it’s time to take a look at the biology.

Use fitness wearables

There are tons of such devices out there. Sport watches, bracelets, trackers from known vendors like Polar, Garmin and Wahoo. These gadgets have many features, from heart rate monitors to analyzing specific movements. Fitness wearables became very popular, one can almost expect from an athlete to have one. Use it. These readings prove helpful when composing an individual workout plan and setting goals. This builds trust and the customers get more involved, just because biometrics is this much personal. So, how does one go about gathering and processing such data?

Work with data

There are ready-made software systems that cover this aspect of the gym business out of the box. With such automation in place, you might not only gather and process records. Managing memberships, tracking progress, providing users with reports and infographics – all for a fair price. However, such generic club management software exists just to get a feeling of a real thing. It doesn’t actually bridges the gap between getting data from customers’ devices and processing it automatically (yet). Even so, it’s possible to implement with the existing technologies.

Consider custom software

The most efficient workout routine would factor in an individual athlete's features. The same goes for your business. Building a custom system may appear a costly, time-consuming affair of unclear benefits. These assumptions are mostly true except for the latter one. The prospective benefits are quite clear and desirable. With the ability to define the design and feature list, it’s possible to create a system that will handle processes unique to your business due to managerial, legal, territorial or other factors. Then you can relocate the labor to more important matters, run the business 24/7, and who knows what more.

Less hours spent on performing menial tasks means more time that can be spent on growing your business

Go online

One of the killer ideas Axmit worked on in the recent past was bringing personal training online. A Los Angeles based gym chain saw an opportunity in reaching people, who for some reason couldn’t visit a club. They came up with a concept: establish a constant data feed from fitness wearables to athletes’ and coaches' devices. That allows customers to attend a workout session from anywhere in the world using an app. At the same time trainers can control the workout execution or even a specific technique on the fly. Online training, in short. No need to mention that the gym has discovered a whole new pool of clients.


Digital revolution is great and its fruits are sweet, but it’s still nothing more than a tool for exploration of opportunities. The range of ideas that are now possible to bring to life thanks to that tool is limited only to imagination. Working with athletes who don’t want to or who are not able to leave their homes? Sure! A system that will allow athletes to perform on top of their abilities while guarding from injuries? Drop us a line and we’ll figure out its design together.


The competition is coming and the possible redistribution of the Health & Fitness market is in sight. To get a bigger part of the pie chart, catch the attention of your prospective clients and keep their interest burning. Individual approach is a known and efficient method for keeping the quality of your services up and converting more leads. Custom software systems for automated data processing get this method on a completely different level. We can help you build such system. Contact us in any way you find convenient:





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