How to reduce the cost of web development?

Dec 13, 2017

People, who are not familiar with the world of web development often find themselves baffled when they’re told that the implementation of their idea will cost them a pretty penny (a penny being, let’s say, $40 000). It’s not a reason to give up though, as here you will find some ways to minimize expenditure and keep the figures within the budget.

Embrace MVP

It’s easy to get excited about the implementation of your idea and try to squeeze everything you or your customers might possibly desire into the product while you’re at it. It usually results in an inflated scope of work and piling up of interdependent features, that in reality turn out to be not used at all. Instead, try an iterative approach; MVP or minimum viable product is a great way to implement only the minimal set of core features of your product and see what else users will actually need. You get to see if the idea is, well, viable, if there is a need to change something fundamentally to improve it, and so on. Basically, you get an insight into your own product for the minimum price.

Stick To The Plan

Know what you want from the beginning. Write down who your users are, both on an administrative and a customer side, what goal you strive to achieve with this tool and what needs it meets, what exact pages you want there, what behavior you expect from every element of the layout. This will help you focus your attention, reduce ambiguity and distill the true needs of your project, so you don’t pay for things you don’t need.

Test, Test, Test

This one might be a bit counterintuitive, as you have to invest in QA and testing, and the benefits are not so direct. But remember - a bug not caught by your testers will be caught by your customers, potentially turning them away not only from this particular product, but from your company in general. You want that revenue to compensate the development expenses as soon as possible, so don’t turn your customers into a non-staff QA department.


A huge problem in a lot of places. Make sure you don’t have that problem, as poor communication is known to increase the time spent on the development, and it’s more probable than not, that your developers charge you hourly. If you’re not tech-savvy then find someone who is able to clearly translate your vision to the team on the ground. A task properly understood right away doesn’t need to be done all over again.

In Short

Have a clear vision, work iteratively, keep it simple, make sure you’re understood, have fun with your creation.





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