Why you should not work with an agency

, Apr 12, 2018

Many businesses use services of Eastern European and Asian outsourcing companies. It's fast, cheap and gives them more space to focus on what's important at the moment. Same businesses don't like the idea of working with agencies. In some cases, it's a wise decision. Let's see how working with an agency is different from working with Axmit team.

  • Direct contact with the developer - a common point of tension between an agency and its customers. In some business models the customer gives a task to the agency, and it solves the task as it sees fit. This can lead to misunderstandings, as an extra layer of communication is present. At Axmit, a customer communicates with the hired developer directly, without middlemen. A customer can treat a developer as a part of the in-house team.

  • Commitment - agencies tend to allocate resources in the most efficient way. Even if it means hurting the product quality. They achieve it by assigning a single developer to several projects. Multitasking is considered to be a blessing nowadays. Yet, getting a hold of several project contexts affects coding quality. At Axmit, a developer is assigned to one project full-time and is not distracted by anything else.

  • Support and maintenance - the same goes for part-time supporting of other projects. Axmit developers have only the workload a customer provides, nothing more.

  • Showcase developers - another common tactic among agencies. In essence, it's presenting to customers a few developers with outstanding expertise. After the contract is signed, however, the task goes to code ghostwriters, who may not have the required skills. At Axmit, a customer works directly with the developer he/she was introduced to.

  • What you see is what you get - not always the case with agencies. Lying on resumes is a bad practice (one of the worst), but it's hard to check if you're not a tech person yourself. With Axmit, you get exactly the skills and expertise presented to you.

  • Personal approach - a hard concept to grasp if you have a conveyor popping trivial projects at you. Agencies are busy with meeting deadlines of several projects at once. If it's possible to omit details - they do. At Axmit we value longterm relationships. So we pay attention to the little things and maximise the mutual benefits.


So, why do Axmit developers work with us? Why not go for the client themselves without middlemen? The secret is in all the red tape accompanying the international labor market. Russian taxation system is much more complicated than those of other Eastern European countries like the Ukraine, Poland or Estonia. At Axmit, the developers trust the management to deal with bureaucratic issues. In the meantime, they can dedicate themselves solely to work. Besides, we help the developers with their further education, be it taking certification exams, learning English or other qualification improvements.

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