App Implementation
For those who want to get a high-quality web and mobile application at a certain time and with a certain budget
Мы помогаем сфокусироваться на действительно важном для конечных пользователей функционале и ключевых особенностях приложения, следовательно значительно увеличить его шансы на успех.
Precise development plan
Запуск проекта требует скоординированной работы многих людей и для всех ключевых процессов крайне важно понимание точных сроков реализации и их соблюдения. Наши клиенты всегда знают что и когда будет готово.
Modern tools and standards
Используем современные технологии React, React Native и Node.js совместно с международными стандартами разработки sowftware. Это позволяет нашим клиентам в несколько раз снизить издержки на разработку, поддержку и развитие проекта.
No Vendor Locks
At different stages of the product life cycle, its development strategy can change significantly and we help our customers to look 2 steps ahead and avoid unreasonable Vendor Locks, which allows them to seamlessly change the service providers.
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Recent Projects
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Custom Franchise software
Custom mobile application for several hundred restaurants and admin interface to rule them all
Finance management, loans and investments
Web and mobile application to connect private investors and loaners
Real estate
Web and mobile application for investors looking the best option to invest in real estate.
Fitness and health
Mobile application for fitness trainers to track heart rate of their clients online and a web version to manage gym and trainers.
IoT software
Take care about a child while sleeping. Special device to track baby health while sleeping and mobile application for parents.
Workflow and task management
Custom software to organize workflow of 200 employees in FMCG company to track strategy plans and goals achievement.
Custom social networks
Mobile application to find a party and activities for a child in big city. Connect with parents in a district and make fun for kids together.
Applications for marketing and promotion
Cryptocurrency trading platform
A bunch of software: trading terminal, cryptocurrency wallet, mobile application for traders and much more. We were a part of a really huge project with very complex infrastructure.
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