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We’ve got an idea of a tool that would allow us to gather user’s data, organize it in a convenient manner and help us compose a perfect individually tailored training program


Chris Hodges

GoTribe Founder

Go Trib graf

“We just had to provide the idea, leave the rest to axmit, buckle up and relax. MVP was implemented in no time”

The solution

At the time of the project's beginning, all the team's business processes were managed with the help of the MindBody. Part of these processes had to be migrated to a solution of custom design and another part had to be integrated with the mobile application. The mobile app was to be successfully take all the measurements needed, provide streaming services, data management, storage. All in one, easy to manage environment.


Heart monitor and other body metrics. GoTribe makes it a goal to take an approach as individual as possible. With such data as user’s heart rate dynamic throughout the exercise it becomes possible to regulate the personal pace of training with unprecedented precision.

Online traning

The killer feature of the service is the ability to have an individual training session online, via the embedded streaming functionality.
It is now possible to have a work out anywhere in the world, losing virtually nothing. That wins a pretty big chunk of customers who are always on the go.


Here’s the achievements in numbers, and this is
what really counts.



The body of paper in the company’s circulation was reduced by 75%



The time staff spent on managing the data the old way shrinked to ¹⁄₃ of the initial number



The right implementation of the original idea led to a 13% increase of the attracted customers.

After giving the project into Axmit’s hands, goTribe has got a sleek looking and highly performing platform that automated the overwhelming majority of their business processes and management routine.







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