A project for the world Top3 development company specializing in virtual machine and infrastructure backup software. They provide large companies with essential tools for backing up and replicating data. It allows enterprises to operate ceaselessly 24/7/365. The company has been steadily increasing it's presence on the multinational market for more than 10 years now.

World’s Top3 backup software company

“When we were starting to cooperate with Axmit we couldn't think that we were getting not only a group of dedicated and highly professional developers, but also an invaluable point of view and a unique approach to problem solving”

The challenge

The software developer was looking for an organization that would provide it with a skilled and experienced developers team that is easy to manage, quick on onboarding and resizable on demand. The project was growing too rapidly for the inhouse team to keep up with it so the company needed an extra pair of hands that were able to meet the following requirements:

check Experience with working on large enterprise-level projects, implementing continuous delivery on them, quickly immersing in complex projects.

check Ability to deal with a lot of legacy code that had over the years been written by many different groups of developers, resulting in a patchwork of a code.

check Prior experience of integrating with existing teams on a remote basis in order to minimize the time needed to onboard.

The solution

Axmit's services proved to be the perfect solution for the software developer. They have got at their disposal a valuable source of deeply skilled workforce.

The company has gained an advantage of enhanced flexibility in terms of their development team composition. This, in turn, allowed the project management to focus on the tasks at hand rather than spend time and budget on human resources management.

As the developers were familiar with the best practices and methodologies of web development, there was little orientation to perform and the integrated team was ready to get down to work in no time.

One of the objectives was refactoring the legacy code and bringing a certain extend of order into it. Axmit developers follow the guidelines of creating self-documenting systems and produce clean comprehensible code. This leads to a serious cut down of the future maintenance cost.


The company has got a team of professionals accustomed with the latest technologies and standards, a team that is easily manageable and resizable on demand. The software developer acquired great flexibility that allowed them to be more responsive to the ever changing circumstances. The amount of time, money and effort spent on talent management was significantly decreased, which in its turn allowed the company to focus completely on the project.







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